Thursday, 16 June 2011

Kayaking to Callanish

Looking for some shelter from the winds on a recent trip to the isle of Harris, we decided to take a look at Great Berneray. A circumnavigation would have been nice, but wasn't going to happen that day. Instead, we headed into the lochs east of there, to Callanish.

From the water's edge, the standing stones could just be seen and curling around the shoreline, they were once more out of view. I was thinking they'd be disappointing, sometimes the way with iconic places like this. But no, they are truly magical and even more impressive than I could have imagined. It was wonderful to see them.


Ian Charters said...

A glimpse into a magical place; just enough to start a longing that will nag away until only a visit will sate. As ever, thanks for your words and pictures.

Rhiannon said...

Many thanks once again, Ian. Yes, a wonderful place to go, even if it is a bit of a drive.. :)