Thursday, 16 December 2010

A Christmas Greeting

And this year, from my Dad's Antarctic collection, some Adelie penguins.

Happy Christmas, wherever you are!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Wandering out east on our annual pilgrimage to the solitude of Lindisfarne, we were surprised to find rather a lot of snow. It was easy to think the snow wouldn't hang around on the eastern-most feather of land, but as we hit pack-ice on the drive over the Causeway, we had to think again.

The peace and wildness of the landscape was complete, and for four days we could do nothing but mooch through the snow, marvelling at this place.

Bamburgh Castle in the distance

Ice streams coming off the boat sheds
There were no trips to the mainland, no visits to the Ship Inn at Seahouses, and certainly no road-biking. This was wonderful isolation.

Pack ice on the Causeway

The snow came right up to the high tide mark

We finally made it off the island a day later than planned in fairly heavy snow. Any later and we'd have been stuck for a week. Which wouldn't have been all bad...